Below are some of the theme party examples:

  • • Arabic night
    • Pirate ship
    • Trip to the island of paradise
    • They will cure you as well
  • • Sailors and port girls
    • Bahamas!
    • 50 shades of red
    • Guys in da hood
  • • Score 5:0 up to myself (anniversary)
    • Envy of Abramovich
    • Until America sleeps
    • The long arm of Mafia

Do you want to surprise or to be surprised? Then you’re going our way! Today we get acquainted, tomorrow we are friends.

Imagine what you get if you combine experience and creativity – an awesome, unique, exciting party which inspires and makes you feel high! How do I invent new things? I always observe, try new things and draw on experience (and not only on my own). I invent wedding contests, corporate party and anniversary themes, make music records etc.
Vitali Vesterinen