Корпоратив 2 (1)-min

Corporative party

That’s the most interesting type of event because every time you can offer something new, unusual, and memorable. In that case, a stretch of imagination has no limits and allows creating various characters and images. For the full immersion into the created reality, we offer a variety of entertainers suitable for the style and theme of a party.

We work out with great pleasure individual scripts for corporative parties held both during summer and winter periods. Even commanding a comparatively small budget, you can present a good recreation to the employees of your company!

Vitali Vesterinen worked as an entertainer in such companies as: «Merko», «Talliinna Küte», «Tallinna Vesi», «Elcoteq», «Peri», «Ascar», «Powerwave», «DBT», «Berlin-Chemie», «Oriflame», «Fusion One», «Karl Stolz», «General Data Com», «BLRT», «Kominsur», «Monik», «Camestix», «Estma», «SEB»…