Variety of appearences

I got acquainted with the stage at the age of 10 when I was performing in a fox costume… It’s now hard to count how many images and costumes I have changed since that time!Pirate, Earl, Pilot… well, you may see all my images in my works section.

Provide only the best service

I’ve been working on the radio and TV for more than 20 years so far, however, I prefer to be in contact with the audience. My hobbyhorse is sparkling improvisation! Every professional knows that a good improvisation is a well-prepared improvisation – what does that mean? Well, you have to think through a host of options before, during and even after a party, read a lot, try out new things, tackle even most difficult tasks. That’ s how you obtain important skills for being a competent master of ceremonies.

Versatile Experience

My language skills allow me to attend also international parties, for instance, I used to work in Latvia, Finlnd, Russia, Turkey, Italy, and Dominican Republic.
Every time I share the variety of emotions with the guests, I realize what a unique opportunity it is to make someone happy!